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Barber tools


Course Description

Our Crossover Course is offered ONLY to licensed Cosmetologists.

Upon application to the Board, the cosmetologist will be given 555 hours of credit for subjects previously covered in the cosmetology training courses. Student will then fulfill the remainder 695 hours in order to complete the required 1,250 hour training.

Students are taught with both theoretical and practical instruction.

The theoretical training is conducted in a classroom setting consisting of lecture and demonstration. Practical training takes place in our separate clinic which offers barber services to the public.

Our course ensures that students are equip and prepared with the Knowledge & skill necessary to pass the Pennsylvania State Board Exam.  

Barber Tools

Course Length: 695 hours – to be completed in no less than 5 months 


Honing and stropping                                                                                                                 50

Shaving and various uses of the straight razor                                                                          240

Haircutting, hairstyling and hairpieces                                                                                      330

State barber law and rules and regulations                                                                                  50

Manager-barber instructions, instruments, shop management, examination orientation           25

and preparation for related                                                                                                          




Course Objective

At Merge Barber School, we focus on helping students learn how to succeed in the profession of barbering.

  • Students will be trained in both Bookwork studies (theoretical)  & On field work (practical) .

  • Students will be prepared to take and pass the PA State Board examination.

  • Students will be able to gain important knowledge & wisdom to be a successful professional  in the field of barbering.

  • Throughout this process, our team of instructors will be there to offer advice, motivation,support and assistance.

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